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Where To Sell Mid Century Modern Furniture

Did you know that having an Instagram Store sets you apart from your competition and helps you sell items, but that having a well marketed Instagram Store helps you sell items extremely fast!? Most Resellers sell their wares only on Craigslist and are lucky when buyers stumble across their ads. However with more and more people turning to Craigslist to sell their items, more and more people buying and reselling Mid Century Modern and Vintage furniture, and with the recent crackdowns in Craigslist's new rules and policies, it has become much more difficult and time consuming to advertise and sell on Craigslist.


About 6 months ago Craigslist changed the way their ads are shown to its users and limited how many times you can post and repost. A lot of resellers who run multiple ads a month currently find their ads keep getting flagged and deleted and even more don't even know their ads are "Ghosted" (when Craigslist deems you're over posting and removes your ad from search results but leaves your ad up and running and doesn't notify you). When Craigslist rolled out with their new rules and policies we saw our sales drop by about 65%. This led us to start trying out different platforms for selling our items, everything from Kijiji, Letgo, Close5, OfferUp, VarageSale, various Facebook Buy & Sell groups, and more. While each of these worked to some degree, none of them worked well enough to justify using them. Craigslist was great because everyone uses Craigslist, so your items are in front of a lot more people and so pieces sell faster and for a higher amount.


At the same time as trying the above apps we also created an Instagram store in the city that we live in. We posted all the items we had for sell on our Instagram Store account and started engaging with local people in our area. Slowly pieces started selling through our Instagram Store that had been sitting on Craigslist for months. I couldn't figure out why pieces were selling through Instagram (a place where people don't typically go to look for things to buy) and not Craigslist (a place where people only go to buy things). The reason is because people that use Instagram (and most people use Instagram) go on Instagram a few times a day for pure enjoyment. Couple that with the fact that most people who are interested in Mid Century Modern Furniture and Decor purchase out of want rather then need, and you have a perfect breeding ground for sales!


Thousands upon thousands of Mid Century Modern enthusiasts in your area are on Instagram, looking at photos of Mid Century Modern Furniture and Decor every single day, except now the photos they are looking at are actual pieces that are for sale in their city! We found that the more users that we engaged with, the more we saw our stores following count rise, the results of which led to items selling faster and faster! 


The only problem was engaging with people on Instagram took a long time, and so we started to look for a way to automate the process. We looked into several different options of automated Instagram programs but none of them worked for what we were trying to accomplish. We needed automation software that allowed us to target local people in our geographic location who were interested in Mid Century Modern Furniture and Decor, and to do so 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


That led us to developing our own one of a kind Instagram Store Builder Software. With our program and systems we can target real users, in your area, who have shown an interest in Vintage, Retro, Mid Century Modern, Etc, Furniture and Decor. When set up on your Instagram account, our program interacts with around 1,000 different real users every single day who are living in your geographic location, allowing your Instagram Store to grow quicker then humanly possible!


I almost never post things on Craigslist anymore. All I do now is snap a few photos, upload them to my Instagram account and within minutes I have people calling and fighting over items. Another plus that has come from this that I wasn't expecting was being able to sell other peoples items on consignment. People in our area started reaching out to us to sell their items for them because of how many thousands of users follow our store. Thats now one of the features we offer daily and make a significant portion of our income just posting other peoples items to our Instagram Store on consignment. 

If you're a Reseller, take your Resell Business to the next level by trying our Instagram Store Builder service. For just $29.99/Month we'll grow your Instagram store 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most people that use our service see around 40-100 new followers/customers every single day and have made the switch to selling purely through Instagram, avoiding the painstaking process of constantly posting and reposting Craigslist ads, not knowing if the ads are going to be deleted or ghosted. 

Everyone that signs up receives a FREE 2 week subscription, so you can try it risk free. In the first month that we used our software to market our store we saw an increase of 3,000 real followers in our area and pieces started selling within minutes of posting them. You can cancel anytime with no fees. We have users that we've been working with for the last couple months now that have gone from 200 followers/customers on their Instagram Store to over 6,000 just 4 months later. Our service comes with no time commitments so you can cancel anytime you feel that you have enough followers and that your store is big enough for your needs. If you're wondering how well this service works just ask yourself how you found out about Mid Century Picking. Chances are our Store Building Software sought you out because you had shown an Interest in Mid Century Modern Furniture, followed or liked one of your photos, which in turn led you to looking at and following our Mid Century Picking account. For just $29.99/Month that same software can be set to your Instagram Store, auto engaging with 1,000 targeted users in your area every day!