Store Builder :

Did you know?

As a reseller, one of your main goals should be to turn over your inventory regularly. The faster you are able to sell your inventory, the greater your cash flow will be, allowing you to source and buy more stock, which in the end makes you more money. It doesn't matter if you sell out of your garage or have a warehouse you rent, either way your available space will be limited to a certain amount of items, and if your capacity is full, and your items aren't selling, you won't last long as a reseller. The best way for turning over inventory quickly, is to cross post your items on as many applications as possible. Everyone shops in different places and the more eyes you can get on your pieces, the faster they will sell. 

Do you have an Instagram Store?

In an ever competitive landscape, many resellers are turning to Instagram to sell their Mid Century Modern Furniture and Decor. It's true that having an Instagram Store sets you apart from your competition and helps you sell items, but having a well marketed Instagram Store helps you sell items extremely fast. While some Resellers have an Instagram account for their reselling business, most of them have few followers and generate little to no sales. When you post an item for sale to your Instagram account, the vast majority of people who will see that item for sale are only the people who are following you. Your followers are your customers, and the more followers/customers you have, the faster your items will sell. Since that is the truth, to run a successful Instagram Store you should be doing something every day to market that store and build your follower/customer count.  



Why Furniture Sells The Fastest Through Instagram:

It's pretty obvious when you think about it. People go to places like Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace,  only when they are actively looking to buy something. Thats going to be a very small percentage of the actual Mid Century Modern Enthusiasts in your area. Couple that with the ever growing amount of Mid Century Modern Resellers, and your ads on places like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, even when newly refreshed, are reaching very few actual Mid Century Modern buyers.

Instagram on the other hand is quite different. On average, people go on Instagram several times a day regardless if they're looking to buy something or not. Another important factor to keep in mind is that Mid Century Modern lovers are always in a "buying window", as we typically buy out of want rather then need. When you couple those two facts together, you have the perfect breeding ground for sales, Mid Century Modern enthusiasts, in the "buying window", on Instagram, seeing Mid Century Modern Furniture and Decor for sale in their area, several times a day.

Instagram Store

How To Market Your Store:

Now we know why Instagram Stores work, but how do you actually grow your followers? Put simply, it's about interactions. Interactions can come in the form of liking someones photos, following their account, and many other ways. Every time you perform an interaction, that user gets notified. Most users check their notifications and if they see an account that is related to their interests they will usually take a look at that account and follow it back. It's one of the only ways to grow an Instagram following. The issue with this is it can be quite time consuming. Even if you knew who in your area has shown an interest in Mid Century Modern Furniture, manually interacting with them can take a substantial amount of time. Compound that with the fact that you should be interacting with hundreds of people a day if you want to see a return on your Instagram Store, and you have quite the time problem.


The Birth Of Our Software:

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That issue led us to developing our own one of a kind Instagram Store Builder Software. We developed automation software that allows us to target local people in a specific geographic location. The software is programmed to seek out people who have previously shown an interest in Mid Century Modern Furniture and Decor. The software can be set up to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With our program and systems we can target real users, in your area, who have shown an interest in Vintage, Retro, Mid Century Modern, etc, furniture and decor. When set up on your Instagram account, our program interacts with up to 1,000 unique real users every single day who are living in your geographic location, and have shown an interest in Mid Century Modern Furniture and Decor, allowing your Instagram Store to grow quicker then humanly possible!

What You Get With Store Builder:

Where To Sell Mid Century Modern Furniture

Success Stories:

Using our Instagram Store Builder software we've been able to successfully build large scale Instagram Stores for our clients. Some of the success stories include clients who sold their first piece of furniture the day they signed up, and others saying that they now only list their for sale items on their Instagram Stores. Most of our clients who stay with us for at least 3 months, post items to their Instagram Stores and within minutes they have people fighting over who can buy it first. With this service you're creating a lasting customer list of people in your area that you can market to every day for free. Instead of posting an item on Craigslist and hoping someone who's interested in MCM Furniture sees it, you can now post an item to your Instagram Store and instantly have it in front of thousands of Mid Century Modern customers in your area.

Additional Income Streams :


Start Selling Nationwide:

There's alot of places through out the Nation where Mid Century Modern Furniture will sell for quite a bit more then it does in your local City/State. Because of this some of our clients have wanted to make the venture into selling furniture online and shipping out of State, but didn't know where to start. With our Store Builder service we've been able to target users in areas where pieces will sell for a much higher amount, silmutaneously building our clients brand Nationwide.


Start Selling Consignment:

Another opportunity this can open up for you is that of consignment. This inevitably happens with every store we build for a client, and we actually recommend that you start advertising for this service early on, but eventually you'll hit a follower/customer count so high that people in your area will see you as the authority for Mid Century Modern Furniture and will ask you to sell their pieces for them on consignment. This makes up a significant portion of our clients income, simply posting their customers Mid Century Furniture to their Instagram Store on consignment.

Get Started Now:

If you're a Reseller, take your Resell Business to the next level by trying our Instagram Store Builder service. For just $29.99/Month we'll grow your Instagram store 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most resellers that use our service see around 40-100 new followers/customers every single day and have made the switch to selling mainly through Instagram. Everyone that signs up receives a FREE 2 week subscription, so you can try it risk free. Our service comes with no time commitments so you can cancel anytime you feel that you have enough customers and that your store is big enough for your needs. If you're interested in trying our Instagram Store Builder Service for free for 2 weeks, click the subscribe button below.