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Mid Century Picking is an educational website created to teach Mid Century Modern Enthusiasts how to find, fix, and flip Mid Century Modern Furniture and Decor. Mid Century Picking was started by two Mid Century Modern Resellers from 2 different countries who have spent years as successful Mid Century Modern Resellers.

It can be difficult for those starting out reselling Mid Century Modern Furniture and Decor. Have you ever wondered where others are sourcing their pieces? Have you ever had a damaged piece that you wish you could fix? Have you been wanting to find better places to sell your Mid Century Furniture and Decor? Then is a place for you. Whether for personal use or as a source of profit it's our goal here at MCP to educate new and old alike on new methods and systems for sourcing, repairing, and selling Mid Century Modern Furniture and Decor.


Mid Century Picking

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