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How To Use Howard Feed-N-Wax

How To Use Howard Feed-N-Wax

Want to learn about a product that can save you a ton of time and energy restoring/repairing Mid Century Modern Furniture? For the right piece of furniture, Howard's Feed-N-Wax can be a miracle worker. Feed-N-Wax really excels at restoring pieces of furniture where the wood has dried out and faded. It works great on pieces where the finish has somewhat deteriorated and worn out as well.

As you can see in the pictures this lovely Danish teak dresser (that we scored at a garage sale for $25) has a ton of dry spots, making the color and finish on the piece look extremely worn and inconsistent. There is also some paint spatter dried on the wood as well as several burn marks and ring marks. We could have stripped the whole piece, sanded the whole thing down, and refinished it and it would have looked 100% percent better, however we wanted to demonstrate how well this product can work at quickly restoring dried out pieces with slight damage.

We spent maybe 20 minutes total rubbing the Feed-N-Wax into the wood, using steel wool to clean up the paint and burn/ring marks, as well wiping the whole piece down once the Feed-N-Wax had time to soak into the wood. The steps for using this is quite simple. Grab a few blue shop towels and apply some of the Feed-N-Wax to the towel, buff the wet towel firmly into the wood and cover the whole piece. While the wax is wet on the wood take a piece of 0000 steel wool and firmly rub out any burns, scratches, paint, gunk, or ring marks. Once you’ve rubbed any spots like this out, quickly hit them again with the Feed-N-Wax. Allow to sit for at least 20 minutes so the wood has proper time to soak up as much wax as needed. After the 20 minutes, simply wipe dry.

That’s literally all we did and look at the transformation on this dresser! It might take some time to figure out which pieces would best be improved by Restor-A-Finish, Feed-N-Wax, or a complete sand and refinish, but through trial and error you’ll get it!

The cheapest place to buy Howard's Feed-N-Wax is through here: Howard Feed-N-Wax

Cheers and happy picking!

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