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How To Buy & Sell Mid Century Modern On Craigslist For Profit - Vol. 3

Mid-Century &  Modern Furniture - Tutorials On How To Buy, Repair, & Sell.

This series will show you how to buy and sell Mid Century Modern Furniture and Decor on Craigslist for a profit. We use these techniques for buying and selling MCM, but the tips and tricks we will show you here can be applied to any niche.

Craigslist is a great vehicle for scanning items that people are selling too low and turn around and flip for a higher profit. The beauty about using Craigslist vs. buying from a Thrift Store or going to a Flea Market is the low cost of time and energy involved. With Craigslist you don't have to leave your house with out knowing exactly (well almost exactly) what you are going to pick up and how much profit you are going to make on it.

That being said Craigslist has become highly competitive with resellers and so below are the tips and tricks we recommend for beating your competition and getting the most out of Craigslist.

In Vol. 3 of this edition I'm going to share a few tricks with regards to buying items. If you have a certain type of item you think you can make money on, chances are a few other people have already been flipping said item for awhile. So how do we set ourselves apart from our competition?

Optimize Your Search Words: Most people don't pay much attention to the wording they use when searching for items to buy and sell. What I mean by this is the average person searches for what they think is the most common used wording of the item they are looking to buy or sell. Perfect example of this is do you search for "Mid Century Modern" or "Mid-Century Modern"? Because both would pull up different search results. Being aware of this can be an excellent tactic in beating out our competition and finding those ads that they aren't.

What you want to do is go to Craigslist and in the search bar you want to type out as many variations you can think of to describe the item you are looking for. Put yourself in everyone elses shoes who might have the piece you are looking for. How would and older person describe your item? What wording would someone use who really doesn't know anything about the item? How would a young person describe said item in their posting? The important thing to remember is you have to separate each phrase with this symbol "|". Thats not a large I. Its the symbol you get when you hold down the shift key and hit the button directly above and far right of the enter or return key on a keyboard. Its basically a straight line. What this does is tell Craig to search for all your phrases separately, but to load them all into the same results page so you don't have to look at duplicates. Not only does this bring up a lot of items you would normally miss but it will save you a ton of time.

I like to add phrases to the search where I've deliberately misspelled the word in an attempt to find that ad thats been sitting on Craigslist for awhile and no one has messaged them because they can't find the ad when they type in the correct spelling of the term. For example if I was looking for a Mid Century Danish Modern Light my Craigslist search might look something like this "midcentury lamp | mid-century lamp | mid century lamp | midcentury light | mid-century light | mid century light | danish light | danish lamp | midcentury lght | mid-century lght | mid century lght | danish lght | etc etc etc...". Trick is to include as many variations and as many misspellings as Craig will allow. Sometimes I've found that Craig will max out my search terms so you might have to save some for a second search.

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Cheers, MCP

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